Jud Wellington

ethnomusicologist, audio-visual producer, performer


As an ethnomusicologist, Jud's main interests involve academic research and writing, musical performance, and teaching.  Currently an Adjunct Lecturer at Baruch College, City University of New York, Jud teaches the history of Western European music, focusing on musical style, composers, and genres and their integration with changes in social class, cultural beliefs, and contemporary philosophies. "Classical Music," is not, however, limited to Europe and Jud's experience with music from Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Oceania provides a means to study the various conceptualizations of music's value.

Since 2009, Jud has been studying music from the Pacific coast of Ecuador and Colombia in a region called "El Pacífico."  His dissertation addresses the border-crossing and binational African diasporic community from El Pacífico and how it is sonically constructed in performance and recording.  He is also an experienced performer and recording artist of music from this region as a player of the marimba de chonta, a xylophone-like instrument of African origin.


Photographer: Andy Davis Creative